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31-Jan-2018 00:31

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Obsession, because you want to let the past be the past, but only after your own morbidly detailed investigation — and because you stubbornly refuse to be rejected and overlooked for the purity which you’ve guarded so diligently.The reflex reaction of the insecure is to quantify oneself, especially physically: to rush to numbers for security, to resort to inches to feel worthy, to run to the scale to feel loveable.During the early stages of a relationship, how you navigate these delicate little things can have huge consequences on the future of your relationship.

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We meet on dating apps that connect through our social media accounts, we conduct our relationships in front of a social media audience, and now we can even break up using social media (this is not recommended).But for those of us in the meaty part of the curve, here are some basic guidelines that it may be wise to stick to: Don't post photos of each other on Instagram until you are officially dating.

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