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27-Sep-2017 12:41

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Reading these books is a real challenge for anyone who wants to get down to “the rules of the game”, the right tricks, the formula, or whatever other expectation they form before opening the covers. Some men put their hearts and souls into trying to be Steel Balls guys, following his advice, joining his therapy seminars, etc.One man, George Sodini, sadly took out his frustration on others in a widely publicized murder suicide in August 2009.The author was divorced in the 1980s in his mid-30s, and went on to have relationships with a number of young women up until at least his mid-50s.(A postscript in the edition I have indicates that he eventually married a 19-year old when he was 53).Sure, they might be immature and only after our cash, but we’re just as shallow – we want them for their looks. It’s not always a fat wallet that lures the hotties, although you rarely see hot young girls with destitute old guys.Of course, we love all women, and many of us prefer older women for all the other things they bring to the table, particularly when they take care of themselves and look just as hot as the younger gals. Young women appreciate your maturity, experience, and patience.Young women are attracted to older men in all the right situations and turned off by them in all the wrong situations.

He thoughtfully applied much of what he learned from his patients good and bad experiences to his own personal life.Before getting started, however, check out this article on the importance of detachment!

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