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The hotel creates a nature-friendly atmosphere through the ancient tree planted in the center of its lobby area and proposes a whole new concept of lifestyle, along with its dramatic venues.With a tranquil vista of Mount Acha, Vista Walkerhill Seoul will take you on an inspiring journey with special moments to commune with nature and future at a time.Thanks:-) I forgot to add another question: if given the choice would you rather find a nanny while in the UK and bring her with you or start looking first after you move for a local nanny?Oh, and are there any English speaking paly groups in Zug area?They only work 30 hours a week If you are looking at a decent, experience nanny. A note, you have to pay for their flight ticket to fly down to Zurich / Zug for the interview.You have to provide the above, (language course is optional in this case), plus around 0(min) pound a week. If you are looking for a native speaking Swiss to communicate in English, it is alot cheaper. "Importing" native English or Russian speakers, you basically have to pay for their language skills. So if you have pocket $$ like nobody business, I say go ahead and hire a nanny...I know of nannies who are experienced and are paid almost as much as an executive in the bank. Most of us normal working class (98%) can only afford part time Swiss baby sitters.. I am an Au Pair here and I have 4 yrs of experience as a nanny (including triplets) and as au pair!

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We are just about to move to Zug area and need a live-in nanny as our doesn't want to live in CH... How long do nannies work (5 or 6 days) usually; how much holiday is usually offered, etc. JW Marriott Seoul Limousine bus runs every 20 to 30 minutes from the Incheon International Airport to the officially designated hotels. For further information, visit to KAL limousine shuttle bus time schedule is as below.