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There were plenty of guys and girls from my school and others at my house, since I had the house to myself for the weekend. Everyone was drinking so the sexual chemitry was firing up.I felt attracted to almost every girl there, but I never planned on acting on it.I had no other choice than waiting for BSNL to withdraw the block.But without disappointing me, BSNL customer care hardly took any action regarding this.

I gladly said I would as she followed my into my room.DSP of Kalpetta, Muhammed Shafi K said that the accused was taken into custody after the police received a tip-off on Wednesday."We will conduct a detailed investigation on the role of church convent in Kozhikode in covering up the issue," said DSP. "iie trn^s : n d "i p n d i p )s s * * : 'K pbn ♦^niivni "onai D ni T/1 "nnci D ^pnpi// mnn Dij ay :m:i Kn D&it: ]it&»^ /^jvn "lam .nnunn ''h^tz hh2 2 n"22^ nni K ^p Sn yi^ p*n£ n^naj? ^ ^h'l V nsiti* /D^ttvn |0 mn Nn n^by ,« is n »^p5:nt2 □maon .s Snn yn: /Kidu «3313t n^nyai D ^n j^"''p'i B my'^ii^ni /ii K'-nnn d2 «ttt',3n D^Sn^s: s^njn /n •• 1 2 a ^ y 3 n n : 2"^ p 1 B^ ♦^nn rno /nocn k^ nnnti nowi pnex Klip Dinn ha mnn ,n n i 3 n S k S p x b J r\^b ' q i : j"^ p i £ .'01 pn"itt» ^13 DS^^y N*3i3 ':3n ^^D1i^l53Nl3DJ1p3 r. X2 n m p n n y^ pis nii3i^ -HK^xn n K rw'^n nieo |y»S /n 1 d n n ins : 'n p 1 & morj ni2Tn , Q^S."n r St^^ n-^Dtj^j nij M /if'in 3"^ in N*? 2: nha^ n'n^in i Nra ^d ii D^nn bn nnnn 0^x2^03 nnn nnn Kin P]^ao imau^^n Tia ]i^nai na«a n3ip ^3 ,(t31) |S V'lt^ ♦n^ia3 n^^ p^no"! nn Dun^ /H^d ^inx p^nai k3 ^S n\s 'dijt X a^'D ^^^(0 P^" (27 ^J^;, ,^st, ,^^^ ,n''^nnt3 (^^ p^^pis nin "'St D (^^ p^^-t •'ki . K^i KD^p n-'tt (29npnt^ Tinnn (28nn"isn^ k'^p .s^in Hht2 -jn Di vnmn;i c^^^tn pis h"inn &'7 jitf^Ni Di&ns V"r V'tf^ms Dn- Ar:i} nv^)^ ^Niiai hn^^dk:!

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p ^ p m « m i ^ k : "i p 'n s 'D^j»^D Dnn |W 'Ti mi-T n ^n'l San 'J22tib ,s n m X n p ^ V t s m n k t n s : o m : '*o p 1 B ,nn^n3 ony d^d31 f-n d^3 |m:n ,np^ K33m n^nvina ^d p Mm ly s Sj ir'p Ti y^ p-^, B ]N^S ;d S'*v QJ? ^tinvh2 k:u]i «n K :n"^ p"l& ri K ^"i Ki'im ,|^inr 'jij^^n , Snn -i^^d ,ii'^s Snn DW n Hi3 n KT ^33 li Sa^ Diein nnoi: 133 t ^nfi3 en a^r.u^ nm rn:in2 t J^ii D^i n'onm nm n Q)in ^'on p dj D\s2f! ,i*'3ts^ i S imp maxni pnu^ pain S i Kip o'jnvn , D»jiain ny^Jn in ,niien nj? ^ nsr^s nvnn Sin nnipi /mym d^did n3"n nnaio 'pnpi ni KHDu oy : n*i Jii^,"T t:t)n -t]i2n Dy ^W3n 'jbss V'Tn mem /^n\*^n ^3i K .''h Mn '-rn^ j/j^ p*-^^ 'ith^ D^BD ,n33n ,^Tn n*^t» .na^ip dtk-t midd ^S nrr nn9 . Ninn '£) ^'031 ,''hv2 "\ ^"2::) .an^h 'n ^"D3 (24 ♦l'?

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